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Since 2003, Al-Mansour Iraqi Automotive Co. and its parent company, MAC International FZE, have been the sole and official distributors of General Motors vehicles and spare parts in Iraq, with a proven history of distributing General Motors products to the Iraqi government, international contractors, fleet clients, and retail customers. Al-Mansour Iraqi Automotive Co. had delivered more than 143,000 vehicles in Iraq over 19 years, which happens to include sedans, SUVs, trucks, vans, ambulances, armored vehicles, and special application vehicles. We operate sales outlets and service centers in Erbil and Baghdad with highly skilled personnel, (keeping up with )and in ways that are consistent with General Motors standards. The parts and vehicle depots in Jebel Ali, Baghdad, and Erbil allowed us the flexibility we needed to get the best parts in a short amount of time. The number of Iraqi staff working for Al-Mansour team demonstrates our dedication to the Iraqi community. Al-Mansour family embraces over 100 Iraqis, varying from mechanics, engineers, and IT to senior management, with high aspirations to expand our business. “Customer First” is our priority and daily concern according to the Al-Mansour Iraqi Automotive Co. team.

Being the leading name in the automotive industry marketing and distribution, offering world-class services to our customers whilst staying true to our core values.

Achieve market leadership by providing high-quality products accompanied with exceptional after-sales support.
Develop successful dealership networks to insure customer convenience and the best possible ownership experience
And for our prosperity is to be shared with our personnel, shareholders, and business associates.

To expand into new segments and regions, the Mansour group manages a strategic approach. We invest in businesses, partnerships, and individuals for the long haul. And due to this approach, we’ve successfully been able to navigate economic cycles and handle the hurdles of investing in various regions throughout the world.

We’re actively searching for innovative potentials, collaborations, and partnerships to foster growth globally, while also continuing to contribute back to the communities where we operate.

We have six subsidiary companies which operate in the following industries worldwide: automotive, banking & real estate, consumer goods, education, healthcare, IT & telecommunications, machinery & equipment, media & advertising, oil & gas, transportation, and technology.

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Al-Mansour Automotive Company offers the best installment system and direct financing.

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